Cell Phones Offer a New Popular Medium for Publicity

29 Nov

It’s not television, radio, print or traditional online mediums that are creating so much buzz in the fashion PR business lately. It’s the launch of mobile sites. Designers and retailers are now making it possible to shop via cell phones, a luxury that may have a huge impact on marketing and PR for fashion.

Brands such as Juicy Couture, Christian Dior and Marie Claire have made use of this new marketing channel. Bergdorf Goodman, a retailer, recently launched its mobile site as well. Goodman told PR Couture in their article Fashion Mobile Marketing: Retailer Bergdorf Goodman Launches Shoe Salon App, “Mobile technology and the iPhone in particular are becoming more and more integral to consumers’ daily life, so we believe it’s important for fashion brands to connect with customers wherever they are. We know [our customers] are active with mobile given that a growing number already access our site via their mobile device every day.”

Traditional PR strategies are still effective, but if a brand wants to successfully compete with other brands, taking advantage of the popularity of mobile usage is a key component. In Giselle Tsirulnik’s article Christian Dior makes fashion statement with mobile marketing, Paul Palmieri, CEO of the mobile ad network Millennial Media Inc., said, “Mobile offers the added benefits of exceptional brand interaction and engagement through its ability to create distinctive, highly-personal user experiences, all of which other mediums cannot specifically offer to the same extent.”

The benefits of consumers having easy access to information and merchandise from different fashion brands and companies can only help their publicity. Cell phones are something individuals carry around with them at all times, making it an easily accessible and convenient tool for promoting. In World News Report’s article JD Sports Launch New Mobile Site, Usablenet President Nick Taylor said, “With web traffic from mobile phones growing eight times faster than traffic from PCs, it is clear that mobile represents a massive opportunity for retailers to provide customers with seamless access to essential services from their mobile phone, wherever they may be.”

I’m sure it won’t take long for other designers and retailers to realize the benefits of launching a mobile site. It’s the future of fashion PR.


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